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For high-quality ignition boards and modules for your HVAC system, our online store is the best option. We offer a wide range of high-quality modules and boards from leading manufacturers that are all designed to deliver superior results and performance.

Our professional staff is always available for advice and support, and our easy-to-navigate online store makes it simple to find the products that meet your needs. We are your one-stop shop for all of your ignition module and board needs because we are committed to quality, quick shipment, and top-notch customer service.
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  • Q3400A1065

    SKU: Q3400A1065

    Honeywell, Bradford White Smart Valve Ignitor Flame Rod Assembly
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  • G775RJD-12

    SKU: G775RJD-12

    York, Johnson Controls 24V, Intermittent Pilot Ignition, Control Module Replacement • OEM Up...
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  • 1012839410A

    SKU: 1012839410A

    ICM Controls, Carrier Single Speed, Furnace Circuit Board Replacement & Plug Kit • OEM U...
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  • CES0130003-01

    SKU: CES0130003-01

    Carrier, ICP Fan Coil Control Board Replacement w/Time Delay Relay • OEM Upgraded Control Board
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  • Q3400A1032

    SKU: Q3400A1032

    Honeywell Smart Valve Ignitor Flame Rod Assembly Replacement • OEM Upgraded Honeywell Flam...
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  • CNT03078

    SKU: CNT03078

    Trane, American Standard 2 Stage, Integrated Furnace, Variable Control Board & Ignitor R...
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  • 6EH053

    SKU: 6EH053

    York, Texas Instruments Fan/Electric Heat Control Board Replacement • OEM Upgraded York Cont...
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  • S1-2TC03700124

    SKU: S1-2TC03700124

    iO HVAC Controls, York Universal Furnace Twinning & Parallel Replacement Kit • OEM Upgra...
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